Dependable Photographer, Delightful Photographs

“A good photographer puts you at ease and helps create memories you weren’t even expecting.”

There are so many photographers in and around the Atlanta area these days. Not to mention, your friend or family member who has a camera! So why should you get to know me and pick me as your photographer? When it comes to capturing memories of your loved ones, you want someone you can trust. You want someone who is dependable and will do their upmost to take care of the details you didn’t even think about.


Sure, anyone can pick up a camera these days and take a picture. But what happens after your neighbor takes a few snapshots? Will they help you get prints in your hands and displayed in your home? Not only do I love taking photographs but I also love to help my clients bring them to life. I walk my clients through an experience and a process of creating memories with their loved ones. We all want photographs of real moments that capture true delight.

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Anyone can snap a photo on their phone and upload it to Facebook. We live in a world of instant, visual gratification. That is not going to change. But what if you lost your phone? Or if all the photos were deleted? Hopefully that never happens. I still believe investing in professional photography is worthwhile. If you are the one always taking pictures of your family, chances are you’re not in many pictures. And you need to be in the pictures with your loved ones! (Moms, I know you aren’t in half as many pictures as Dad.) Capturing authentic moments and personalities is what I love to do!

Personal Touch

I pride myself in providing a friendly, relaxed session that you will not find in a typical studio. I take the time to find the right location, create the right atmosphere, and get the perfect photographs that capture your family’s funny personalities. Even if your child is shy, I still can provide great photographs for you. Read about my experience with this here.

delightful photographs

Positive Experience

From booking your session to ordering your prints, your overall experience is important to me. I respond promptly and work hard to provide you with the service you deserve. The session itself always proves to be fun and will give you memories for sure! Read how I photographed this family on their last day in Atlanta for a birthday photo shoot of their little girl in Piedmont Park.  The family and I laughed the whole session as we watched her devour this cake!

delightful photographs

Authentic Kindness

It’s no coincidence that over 90% of my new clients have been referred to me by a friend. I treat everyone with respect and a kind attitude. A little kindness goes a long way in feeling comfortable while getting your picture taken! Read this blog post to hear how this session brought sisters closer together!

delightful photographs

Thank you for considering Capturing Hope Photography. Please shoot me an email at or head over to my contact page to fill out a inquiry form!

I look forward to working with you and creating delightful photographs for you.

~ Katharine Hurlburt

Client Testimonial

Thank you for the amazing pictures! It’s been a long time since my sister has been happy and sweet and you managed to make it happen!! We have been texting for over an hour and she wants to go on a date with me and has been talking about how she loves the pics and how good we both look. When you named your company capturing hope you nailed it! Not only do you capture hope but you have given her some. I cannot thank you enough! -Rachel