DIY Halloween Crafts


Ah, Halloween. I find it be one of the strangest holidays practices here in America. I did a quick Google search and learned some things about Halloween that have nothing in common with what we do today. I won’t start the debate of whether you should or should not participate. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My family allowed my brothers and me to dress up and make it a competition to see who could get the most candy. However, I have my doubts about letting my own kids do it one day. It’s a lot of work for a costume they won’t want the next day and a lot of candy they don’t need. 🙂 If you’re not crazy about your kids having Halloween candy then maybe you would like to try some DIY Halloween crafts! Here are some craft ideas that you can try with your children or invite a bunch of kiddos over. I also included a healthy Halloween snack idea! Or you could just eat popcorn and watch the Charlie Brown Pumpkin Patch movie. 🙂 I remember watching this movie as a kid and just loved it. Check out the Youtube clip at the end if you want to show your kids who Charlie Brown is. Enjoy!

1. Handprints and Footprints- Use hands with black paint to make spiders or white paint with your feet to make a ghost!

DYI Halloween Crafts


2. Mod Podge Crafts Galore! This pumpkin idea is one of my favorites but check this website for more ideas:

DIY Halloween Crafts

3. A Healthy Snack! All you need is bananas, tangerines, celery sticks and chocolate chips!

DIY Halloween crafts

Now for the one and only Charlie Brown..