Hope and Happiness

Hope and Happiness

These two words pretty much sum up what I want to give people through photography and why I decided to start my photography business. Hope and happiness are two emotions that I believe people want to have in life. Obviously photographs can’t always fulfill or meet that desire but I want to share a quick example of how recently my photography did bring hope and happiness to a family.

Some good friends of mine from church had been wanting to do family portraits for awhile. I am close with their granddaughter through the high school ministry and was excited to meet her mother, step-father, and older sister. It was just a normal family session and I had a lot of fun watching the two sisters interact. They obviously had very different personalities and bantered back and forth quite a bit at the beginning. But by the end of the session they were laughing and even managed to do a hugging pose!

After showing them the images from the session, I received a long text message from my friend’s granddaughter (the younger sister) and this is what she said:

Thank you for the amazing pictures! It’s been a long time since my sister has been happy and sweet and you managed to make it happen!! We have been texting for over an hour and she wants to go on a date with me and has been talking about how she loves the pics and how good we both look. When you named your company capturing hope you nailed it! Not only do you capture hope but you have given her some. You shined the light of Jesus and she saw it. It’s a big step and my family cannot thank you enough!

Little did I realize how big of an impact that session and the pictures would make on this family. I also did not realize how much I needed to hear this encouragement and be reminded of why I do what I do. When I wear all the hats of a small business, it can be so exhausting and frustrating and overwhelming that I lose sight of the passion behind it. I never want to lose my passion of bringing hope and happiness to people. So thank you to this family for reminding me and giving me encouragement.