Photographing Shy Kids

Photographing Shy Kids – It Can Be Done!

One of the biggest hurdles parents face when contemplating getting family pictures done is their own kids! Am I right? Whether it be : “My kid is too wild” or “They are extremely shy” there is always a reason parents bring up to warn me before the session. I appreciate knowing these things because it does help me prepare. Thankfully, I grew up with four brothers and I just happen to like kids a lot! My encouragement to parents is that kids will be kids and I can handle it. For example, a family I photographed recently told me their little girl was very, very shy. I told them not to worry and to bring her favorite toys or blanket just in case. I also helped pick a location in Canton that had a playground so it would keep her a little more distracted from my camera and more focused on playing. The day of the session came and when I walked up to her on the playground her sweet smile quickly disappeared and she wouldn’t even look at me. I knew right away that I had my work cut out for me and I would have to keep my distance. (No worries, I didn’t take it personally.) It reminded me that if I was a little child and had a shy personality, how would I feel if a stranger came along holding a big black thing at my face? Actually, I really enjoyed just following the family around and letting them interact with each other. Some of my favorite photographs are of them just smiling and laughing together without any direction from me. So parents, it can be done. Please don’t let your child’s personality or behavior keep you from getting family photographs. Even if they’re not posed perfectly or smiling right at the camera, you will still treasure having pictures of them so you can remember that stage in their life. (And even joke about years later when they are older!)