A little bit about me

Hello and thanks for clicking this page to learn about me and my business! I know time is a precious thing so I really appreciate you taking the time to learn a little bit about who I am and why I have a photography business. My name is Katharine and I’m an adventurous introvert. I prefer a quiet hiking trail over shopping malls. I like to work behind the scenes so when you tell me that you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, I understand!

If I could only share one picture with you that would express an important part of my life, it would be this picture. Many emotions run through me when I look at this picture. Joy, relief, amazement. This picture was taken by my mother moments after our first son was born. The man in this picture is my husband, Ryan. I could not do this crazy journey of life without him. I will never forget this moment!

about me

My family is my biggest source of support. Through my photography business, I can support them and spend more precious time with them. Because time is more important than things! Don’t you agree?


Photography seems to be a very common hobby and even career these days. Digital cameras make it very easy to take and have online access to photographs. At first, photography was just a fun hobby for me. I traveled a lot in my teenage years so that was how I captured and recorded my experiences. Now I realize that I have a gift that I can offer to people. Sure your neighbor down the street could snap a quick picture but when you hire a photographer you also hire their unique, creative eye. Three photographers who photograph the same subject will always come up with different styled photographs.

I have seen how pictures can impact a life. Teenage moms with their new babies, fathers who have been out of work and don’t have the money to have a picture taken of his kids, or parents who have a daughter with a medical condition. These are all people I have met and been able to give them the gift of moments with their loved ones through my photographs.

I will never forget the tears that have been shed as a mother holds these pictures in her hands. That is why I pursue photography.

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